National Water Dance

The National Water Dance is a 'movement choir' that occurs simultaneously across the United States at a specified date and time. Dancers and movers of all ages and abilities dance together for a common purpose, using their bodies, at their own sites, to bring attention to water issues. The overall goal is to: "initiate a national 'water ethic' that can inform and inspire both participants and audience members to take responsibility for conserving and protecting the water that they use and enjoy". Each event is live-streamed on the internet at
2014 Event at Luther College
Luther College was one of 80 institutions, and the first in Iowa, to participate in the National Water Dance. In March of 2014, students in Jane Hawley’s Movement Fundamentals class, in collaboration with Jodi Enos-Berlage and children from the Decorah community, performed their dance at Dunning’s Spring, a beautiful, cold-water spring located in the City of Decorah.

2016 Event at Luther College
The 2016 event was held at 3 p.m., Saturday, April 16, 2016. Luther College is joined by two other institutions to represent Iowa, Grinnell College and Iowa State University. The Luther 2016 movement site was the beautiful Upper Iowa River located in central Decorah, where dancers moved both on and under the College Drive Bridge.
Luther College Press Release